Sunday, August 24, 2014

Be Positive - best way to live life

 In Hindi, there is a proverb “Chinta Chita samaan”, means worrying is similar to Death. In simple words, a person should not worry or think negative as it does not help in finding a solution but on the other hand it increases the problems of a person by making him more negative.

If we have noticed, a negative thought is followed by more and more negative thoughts making a person more sad than before. The best way to counter these negative thoughts or negativity is to think positive and fill your mind with positive thoughts.

These are the times when our heart and mind is soaked in negativity, anger, depression and frustration, at this critical moment a person can reduce the negativity effects by following some simple points:

1)      Rub your palms together for a while and then keep your palms o your closed eyes. The warmth and vibration of palms will give a soothing and calm feeling.
2)      Take 5 or 10 deep breaths. They should be slow and deep as much as they can be. They should be slow, exhale and inhale oxygen in your body and it will relax body and mind.
3)      Take a slow walk. If in the garden, it will be better and if bare foot then it will be best. The direct connection of earth and your feet will instantly cool down your mind.
4)      Talk to yourself and talk positive. Pamper yourself. Make believe yourself of your capabilities.
5)      Add some salt to your bathe water. It will release negativity.
6)      The best way is to keep away the negative thoughts from yourself.

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