Sunday, August 24, 2014

Simple but very useful Inventions

Before we discuss these inventions, let us first discuss what is the difference between a discovery and an invention. Discovery is finding something which was already available in this world, for eg., the gravitational force was present in this world but it was Newton who founded it, so Newton made a discovery and not an invention. On the other hand, Thomas Alva Edison invented light bulb which was not present in this world, so it was an invention.


Safety Pin – the age of safety pin is almost 200 yrs and its history is associated with Ancient Egypt. These safety pins were based on hair clips. The lock and key is also an invention made by the Ancient Egyptians.

Frisbee Plates – The Frisbee plates were invented by Joseph Frisbee. Joseph got the idea when he saw some of his customers playing with tin bottle caps in the park. This led to the invention of children’s favourite Frisbee plates.

Tooth Brush – In 1930, the American company Dupont invented Nylon which was then used in tooth brush. However, it does not mean that tooth brush were not used before that, Chinese used hair of swine in tooth brush.

Currency notes – the paper was invented by Chinese and approximately 1200 years ago, Chinese started the use of currency notes. Chinese also invested tea blocks which were used as currency earlier. The use of currency notes replaced the Barter System.

Elastic – In 1820, Thomas Hancock invented elastic and he wanted it to be used on the top of the pockets so it can hamper pick pocketing. But it was put to a wonderful use when it was used for making belts in undergarments.

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