Monday, June 15, 2009

Have a nice day....

Friendship is a silent gift of nature..More old .. more strong..More deep.. more clear..More close.. more warm..Less words.. more understanding.

I sent my cares 2 the wind n asked the wind to pass them 2 u, when u feel the wind blowing against ur face thatz ME saying.... Take Good Care, I MISS U........

Remember Three Things,1) I m Wd you.2) U'Hve Money.3) Bar Is open lets go...

Good girls are found in every corner of the Earth!
Unfortunately Earth Is Round....... ......... : (

You're my reason to get up
Each morning
And a dream each night

What a worderful an lovely feeling
To Love an be loved

You make me feel so calm
A calm moment from the storm of life.

It is meaningless in expecting your partner to be of your kind because
you can't hold their right hand in your right hand to walk together!... ..

Su-Prabhatam. Always remember-"patience & politeness is not person's
weakness,it' s a reflection of person's inner strength."

'Friends &Friendship'

Its a package of feelings.
Nobody can make it.
Nobody can break it.
Nobody can explain it.
Only we can FEEL it!

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