Thursday, June 14, 2012

Satyamev Jayate - 6th episode

We all, at some point of time criticizes GOD or ourselves for our present situation, we always keep complaining for what we don’t have and never offer gratitude to GOD for what he has given us, and if you are also possessing these traits, then you are a part of the group of stupid and thankless people and you need to watch the sixth episode of Satyamev Jayate.

The sixth episode of satyamev jayate talks about those people who may be lacking a deficiency in case of physical structure but when it comes to courage, motivation and hope, they are far superior to normal human beings. The sixth episode talks about the physical handicapped people and their courageous ways of facing life.

First of all, what I have learnt from this episode and want to spread my learning is that never show mercy to any physically handicap person, for he doesn’t need it, he is by no means any less to me or any other human being on this earth. Secondly, if anyone believes that physical deformation in a person is the result of some evil deeds performed by him in his last birth, then you need to educate him and tell him that his belief is baseless and you can support it by the fact that in the last one year no case of POLIO has been reported in the whole country and it not because people have stopped committing crimes or evil deeds but because of the campaign that has been ran by the Government of India in which they have given anti-polio medicine to every kid, supported by the some celebrities as well like Amitabh Bachchan.

The guests on the show were also very lively and this was due to the fact that they have accepted life as it has came to them and never complained about it. Apart from doing jobs in multinationals, they are involved in activities like trekking, skydiving and other sports and leading a normal life. This episode was an eye opener for all those who are crying for what they don’t have rather than enjoying and utilizing what they have.

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